Slackware mania

Jun 13, 2009
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Yes!…​ I decided to install Slackware Gnu/Linux in my Laptop. Currently I have Debian Lenny installed in it. I don’t know i will have dual boot with Lenny or complete install. If I have only Slack then I feel I will learn more, since their will be no chance left to switch the OS if any problems occur. :)

Sometimes I think that, I already have fully functional OS and why I have to invest my time in Configuring new OS specific to my needs. In the same time I can create/code/enhance some other utilities.

But finally decided to install and use Slackware for long term. We can learn more if we have more challenges and Freedom.

Today I spent some time in understanding Slackware repository structure and packages. slackware-current repo is mirrored in my disk(~1.4GB). For mirroring slack repositories I need to write a script which uses rsync, this time I logged into Slackware repo using ftp from Dolphin file manager(I have KDE4.2 in Debian Lenny) and copied all required files to my hard disk.

Here is my TODO items for next week

  1. Backup existing Debian Lenny System(Configs, Files, Fonts etc)

  2. Prepare the required packages list

  3. Understand more about Slackware, package handling and configurations

  4. Read documentation about Basic configurations like Wifi, Kannada Input method, Kannada Fonts.

Hope I will stay with Slackware for long :)

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