Last day at Red Hat

Nov 29, 2019
1 minute read.

Today is my last day at Red Hat(Bengaluru, India). It was a fantastic journey of 7+ years working with Red Hat Storage team and GlusterFS community.

I will surely be active in the GlusterFS community. Hopefully, we can meet in the future Gluster meetups.

I think for me exciting things are happening during Nov/Dec :)

  • Dec 2005 - Joined Infosys (4 years)

  • Dec 2009 - Joined Limberlink (3 years)

  • Nov 2012 - Joined Red Hat (7 years)

  • Dec 2019 - Again, starting the new journey.

Last day at Red Hat

Curious to know what I will do next? Please stay curious and watch this space for more updates :)

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