Introduction to Kadalu Binnacle

Mar 26, 2024
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Kadalu Binnacle is a simple imperative tool for infrastructure and test automation. Its modern, intuitive syntax helps the admins or test case writers to get started in minutes.

Install the Kadalu Binnacle by running the following command.

$ gem install kadalu-binnacle

Hello World!

Following example shows running a script and validating if the script generated a report file or not.

command_run "~/myscript -o ~/reports/user1.csv"
command_run "stat ~/reports/user1.csv"

Run the tests

$ binnacle -vv test_myscripts.rb

This way, we can run any command. If the command is successful, it will show OK in the output else NOT OK in the output. We can even capture the output and check if it matches the expectation.

data = command_run "cat ~/reports/user1.csv"
compare_equal data, <<-DATA
Name,Joining Year,Documents
Demo User,2024,42

Another example below shows testing a ReST APIs.

http_base_url "http://localhost:3000"
http_add_header "Authorization", "Bearer 1234.."
http_get "/api/users", status: 200
http_remove_header "Authorization"
http_get "/api/users", status: 401

Very easy to use isn’t it? We are using Binnacle to automate the Gluster FS deployments (Ex: Set Up a 3 Node Replicated Gluster Storage Volume using Kadalu Binnacle), container based testing, building packages and to create other automation robots.

Kadalu Binnacle is an Open Source tool licensed under Apache-2.0. The Binnacle command module is multi-container and multi-node aware, so we can run a command on a specific node or container. For example,

Docker mode
command_mode "docker"

command_container "server1"

# Check if the nginx index file is deployed
command_run "stat /var/www/html/index.html"
SSH mode
command_mode "ssh"

command_node "server1.vm"

# Check if ssh Key generated or not
command_run "stat ~/.ssh/"

Refer the Project page for more details.

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