Installing Scribus svn in Debian Squeeze

I heard that Unicode rending issues of complex scripts are fixed in svn version of Scribus(1.5). So I wanted to test it for Kannada.

Downloaded svn source using following command to my Debian Squeeze machine.

svn co svn:// myscribus

First installed cmake, which is required to compile Scribus.

apt-get install cmake

When I ran cmake . as root user, it started listing dependency issues. Installed development libraries as and when cmake throws error. Finally ended up installing following dev libraries.

apt-get install libtiff4-dev python-dev libfreetype6-dev
                libcups2-dev libxml2-dev liblcms1-dev
                libpixman-1-dev libaspel-dev libfontconfig1-dev

Now run

cd myscribus
cmake .
make & make install

Compilation took almost an hour in my laptop. :)

Looks like Scribus still has issues in rendering complex scripts. Will provide more information about rendering issues in my next blog post.

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