Set Up a 3 Node Replicated Gluster Storage Volume using Kadalu Binnacle

Jan 12, 2024
2 minutes read.
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Kadalu Binnacle is a simple imperative tool for tests and infra automation. In this blog post we will see how to set up a three node Gluster volume using Binnacle.

Install Kadalu Binnacle in your laptop or vm by running the following command.

gem install kadalu-binnacle

Install Gluster and start glusterd in all the three nodes. Create a file gluster_setup.t and add the following code. Update the server hostnames matching your setup. SSH pem key based login should be enabled for all the servers and passwordless sudo should work.

servers = ["server1", "server2", "server3"]

command_mode "ssh"
command_ssh_user "ubuntu"
command_sudo true
command_ssh_pem_file "~/.ssh/id_rsa"

servers.each do |server|
  command_node server

  command_run "add-apt-repository ppa:gluster/glusterfs-9"
  command_run "apt update -y"
  command_run "apt install -y glusterfs-server"
  command_run "systemctl enable glusterd"
  command_run "systemctl start glusterd"

Login to any one node and add the other two nodes to the cluster.

command_node servers[0]

command_run "gluster --mode=script peer probe #{servers[1]}"
command_run "gluster --mode=script peer probe #{servers[2]}"

command_run "gluster --mode=script pool list"

Now let’s prepare the brick backends. Skip this step if the backend is already prepared in the servers. Make sure to update the device names that matches your setup.

devices = ["/dev/sdb", "/dev/sdb", "/dev/sdb"]

servers.each_with_index do |server, idx|
  command_node server

  command_run "mkfs.xfs -f -i size=512 -n size=8192 -d su=128k,sw=10 #{devices[idx]}"
  command_run "mkdir -p /data/gfs/vol1"
  fstab_entry_count = command_run "grep \"/dev/sdb\" /etc/fstab | wc -l"
  if fstab_entry_count == 0
    command_run "echo \"/dev/sdb    /data/gfs/vol1  xfs rw,inode64,noatime,nouuid      1 2\" >> /etc/fstab"

  command_run "mount -a"

Now create and start the volume

command_node servers[0]
command_run <<-CMD
gluster --mode=script volume create vol1
  replica 3
command_run "gluster --mode=script volume start vol1"

Check the volume status to confirm the Gluster volume is running

command_run "gluster --mode=script volume status vol1"

All together! Lets run the Binnacle script

binnacle -vv gluster_setup.t

That’s it! The Gluster volume is now ready.

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