Emacs and Vim

Mar 19, 2024
1 minute read.
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I love Emacs and using it for coding and note taking (Org mode). But I was always amazed by Vim text editing key bindings. I made the decision to use Vim for a week and I had a great time with it.

I was unable to get Vim GUIs to render Unicode text properly, even after trying NeoVim.

Kannada Text Rendering issue in Gvim
Kannada Text Rendering issue in Gvim

Then I checked by installing VS Code and the Vim plugin. VS Code rendered the Unicode text properly. This made me think: Is it possible to use the Vim key bindings from Emacs?

Emacs didn’t disappoint me! The extensible vi layer (Evil) for Emacs does exactly that. Now I can switch between Emacs text editing mode and Vi mode. I am very happy to continue to use Emacs and all its features along with Vim features.

Kannada Text Rendering in Emacs
Kannada Text Rendering in Emacs

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