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Aug 30, 2019
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I was introduced to Erlang language by Shashi in one of the Mysore Linux user group meeting at his office(Feb 2009). That was the time when NoSql was trending, and CouchDb was one of the popular NoSQL databases. I was very much impressed by the Erlang programming language and bought the book "Programming Erlang - Joe Armstrong"

Unfortunately, I couldn’t spend much time with the language to develop any real-time app other than a few Hello World programs.

Finally, I got a chance to work on a Elixir project! The trigger is the Phoenix Live view feature.

I watched Phoenix Liveview announcement 15 days ago and immediately impressed by that.

Phoenix LiveView enables rich, real-time user experiences with server-rendered HTML. For more information, see the initial announcement.

Note: Currently LiveView is under active development and we are focused on getting a stable and solid initial version out. For this reason, we will be accepting only bug reports in the issues tracker for now. We will open the issues tracker for features after the current milestone is ironed out.

I started working on the Gluster dashboard using Phoenix Liveview feature. This dashboard exposes a webhook to receive the Gluster cluster details. Gluster webhook exporter is written using D programming language. It runs the required Gluster commands every 10 seconds(configurable) and parses the XML output and pushes the JSON data to the webhook exposed by the Phoenix application.

Gluster dashboard - How it works

Note: Running exporter in all nodes is optional, can be run in a few nodes for better availability. If one node goes down, then exporter from another node can send the details to the dashboard app.

Phoenix app updates the Cluster state to Db and publishes to all connected LiveView sockets. All users who opened the dashboard page will get the updated dashboard.

Gluster dashboard is not yet ready, and I am working on the necessary features to submit this project for Phoenix Phrenzy contest.

Phoenix Phrenzy is a contest for developers to build with Phoenix LiveView, show off their software engineering skills, and help demonstrate the capabilities of this great technology to the open source community.

I am still working on many fixes to this dashboard project, watch this space for an update on this project. Let me know if the below screenshots look good. Thanks.

Gluster dashboard preview

Work in progress project source code is available here.

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