Notes for Python beginners
Posted on 21 Jul, 2010 by Aravinda VK

Using Python documentation similar to unix man pages

    pydoc sys


    python -m pydoc sys

For html documentation

    pydoc -p 9000

Now server will start running in port 9000. we can access the documentation in http://localhost:9000

To get help while working inside interpreter, type help()


Help prompt will come, now we can type module name to get details about that module.


To list functions/attributes inside a module

    import sys

To get it in readable format

    import sys
    for i in dir(sys):
        print i

To list builtin functions,

    import __builtin__
    for i in dir(__builtin__):
        print i

To see which are all the modules loaded in our program

    import sys
    for i in sys.modules:
        print i, ": ", sys.modules[i]


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